ponedjeljak, 6. srpnja 2015.

K.Marinović - The Evolution Of The Photo "Keeping"


                                                            The final image: 

I never made more than 15 prototypes of a single photo...Until yesterday. This is definitely my "most edited" photo, I´ve made 25 prototypes of this photo. Check out the evolution of the photo down below!


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subota, 27. lipnja 2015.

K.Marinović - The Power of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Lightroom rules!

As much as I love using Photoshop and GIMP, Lightroom has always been more enjoyable to use. I have really become a fan of the adjustment brush tool, finding myself using it really a lot in my photos for fixing color irregularities.  Of course, there is the price you have to pay using Lightroom – less features, but really, how much do you sacrifice?

So, my dad just tuned his Lancer a bit, black rims, black roof and black side mirrors. The black and white combination looks really good. I thought I´d do a little experiment to see how powerful Lightroom really is. And to answer the question – do you really need to install the full feature Photoshop to do some simple editing and enhancing photos?

Here is a photo of the car before the tuning, without editing:

And here is a photo of the car after the tuning, also un-edited:

Now, for the transformation, I used the first photo of the car, before the tuning, and tried editing it to look exactly like the second photo of the car, after the tuning using JUST Adobe Lightroom. Beside some ordinary editing (contrast, brightness, highlights, shadows), I only used the adjustment brush and then added some black color, reduced the exposure and shadows on the painted areas.

I´m pretty satisfied with the result. Of course, it´s nowhere near perfect, but considering the circumstances, pretty good. I like how the the side mirrors look like painted in matt black.

Here is the final result, the first photo of the car before the tuning, edited to look like the second photo, after the tuning:


Lightroom is definitely very powerful. I enjoy using it and enhancing photos with it, to make them stand out. BUT, I advise everyone to try out various photo manipuation programs. I, for instance, combine GIMP, Photoshop nad Lightroom. There is something I like about each one and can´t imagine picking just one. I normally edit the basics (cutting, making subject a silhouette, painting, turning into B&W) in Photoshop, then enhance the colors and use the adjustment brush in Lightroom, and then finally do some final touches in GIMP, as well as adding my watermark if needed. Every program has its own prons and cons, take the best from each.


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